A commentary on current work

Art and Sculpture in the Woodland.

I recently exhibited two 3 metre ladder sculptures at a woodland venue close to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. The white ladder is called Cloud Gazer. It is made of pine and has a white finish. It was inspired by the sub-tropical Echium plant in Cornwall. The second sculpture is called Ritual Ladder, it is made of oak with a bright shiny green finish. It was inspired by the ceremonial ladders of New Mexico.  Both sculptures looked appropriate in the woodland setting.

Name: Art and Sculpture in the Woodland                                                                           

Venue: Woodland area close to Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge                                                                   

Date: 14th & 15th October, 2017

There was a party in the evening to celebrate the 20 artworks installed in this magical setting with food and drink, live music and performance.

Special thanks to the Patron, Lord Bath, the Curator, Jasmine Evans & the Sponsor, A.A.A.  

Cloud Gazer                              Ritual Ladder                             Woodland Party                         Cloud Gazer @ night