A commentary on current work


Trickster: to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behaviour.

Visual invention, imagination and humour are amongst many vital survival tools for artists. Sometimes these creative processes are reluctant to surface. What often works for me is to create another personality for short periods. I found this neglected and torn poster which I appropriated a few years ago. I signed it with the name of my alter ego Xavier Luz-Azulado.   The poster is located at Bristol Temple Meads station. Returning from the Frome Independent market on sunday 5th august I was delighted to see it was still there.


North Gallery Exhibition, Bristol.

These pieces are currently on exhibition at the 'North Gallery' North Street, Southville, Bristol which continues till the middle of August, 2018.  The exhibition includes mixed media works from over 10 artists who are based around Bristol.  

This sculpture is called 'Axis' and it has been previously exhibited in Salisbury Cathedral. It is constructed of pine and pitch pine and has been stained with an unique material called 'earth plasters'. These are architectural materials to which hog hair has been added to enable it to stick to walls.

The collection of sculptured ladders have been made with oak and pine. They are just a small part of a much larger collection that range from 4 inches to 10ft tall. 


Utrecht, Holland.

Some photos from the Utrecht antiques and bric-a- brac market. November 2017.