Tony Eastman spent five years working in engineering workshops and on Naval war ships. He found time to paint and make small sculptures in hidden pockets of the larger ships. After five years he went straight to art school to start a foundation course. At Bath Spa University he obtained a degree in drawing and sculpture. After University he worked as a landscape gardener which triggered an interest in natural materials. It was the catalyst for new directions and a long held desire to go to Japan.  

This unique and memorable trip to Japan via East Germany, Moscow, Siberia, the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Sea of Japan was followed by teaching as a lecturer on Foundation courses at Northwich School of Art and Salford University. He has also been a visiting lecturer to Leeds Metropolitan University, the Royal College of Art, University of Plymouth, University of the West of England and Dartington College of Art. 

Tony has completed many public and community art projects and exhibitions in the UK, USA and Japan. He was lead artist for a major lottery funded project in Plymouth. 

A Typologist is a collector of collections. Tony creates his own collections of sculptured ladders, chairs, landscapes, buildings and books all in mixed materials. In addition to this body of work there is an expanding collection of tigers (www.tigermuseum.com), toy European railway signals and ephemera from all over the world.